Friday, September 3, 2010


Hogwash!  I so believe that if we the, the voters, continue to ignore our responsibilities as citizens, than we have only ourselves to blame.

We, the people, are the employers of Congress and the President.  This is something they have forgotten.  We, the people, the voters, have allow the open corruption to continue have followed a path of least resistance in voting on party line because we always have and we really don't follow the person we are voting for and so, this disaster is ours.

We have dishonor the brave men and women who have given the final sacrifice for us.  Yes, these brave people stood in front of us, protected us with their lives.

We are allowing a very small minority to decide when and how much of intimate details  should be taught our children.  We have allowed  these employees to decide what history should be taught.  We have allowed these few to decide that a student who can read to be graduated.  We have allowed very poor teachers to float through the years till they can collect their very nice pensions.  Persona;;y, I had the good fortune to have many intelligent teachers who could make going to school fun.  "I teach, you learn" should be the motto for all teachers as it is with good parents.

We should remember our brave Founding Fathers, who bravely faced the mighty British Empire to insure that we would have freedom.  Yes, all citizens have the right to freedom of speech but I deeply resent that the minority forced out the pledge of allegiance from schools, they even forced out a silent moment before school because someone might, SILENTLY, say a prayer.  Where our their rights?  We should remember we are a Nation of Laws.  When we allow people to enter this country illegal, they are breaking the law and breaking the law makes breaking another easier.  That is why about 25% of the prison inmates are illegals.  Of course, the majority of illegals are not criminals, except for ignoring our immigration laws, but they now number millions and drain the resources needed for law abiding people. They also apparently, are able to vote and so some politicians court them.  Why should any of us obey laws we don't like or that impede our desires?

Think about "Ask not what your country can do but what you can do for your country."  True words of JFK.  Are we still listening?

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