Saturday, September 25, 2010

Professors in Washington, DC

The news always amuses me in one way or another.  This morning I heard that the  administration plans to send millions to China to build better stoves that will protect the world.  We don't have the known how and available workers to do this?  Also the administration that was so insistence the US auto industry had to remain in the US, is now thinking of selling some, maybe all, of the 61% of the stock to other countries.

More and more it comes to fore that this administration cannot even balance their own check books.  With unemployment so high we are planning to "spread" the wealth by having, at our expense, China develop  a more environmental friendly cook stove?

Why can't we the voters make this stupid academicians see what they are doing?  Probably because they have never had a real job.

These theorists are determined to make us in the image of the third world countries by giving our money, our jobs away so that we will be on the bottom step of the ladder.

We, the voters have vote theses misfits out of our lives.  Mark it on your will do calendar, vote.

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