Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What a mess!

The news justs more and more confusing.  I do not think that in all my readings I have seen so much arrogance in both the Congress and the Administration.  No one seems up to the job they were elected to and, frankly, I feel more pity for President than I thought possible.  He is so out of his depth.  He, personally, seems to be well liked but unfortunately, that does not relate to leadership.  We are desperate for true leadership.

We are still planning to remove all combat troops from Iraq by the end of this month.  As I understand it, 50,000 troops will be left but for what, I do not know.  The Iraq administration seems to want troops till 2020.  Are we leaving the 50,000 for slaughter?  It seems very plain the  Kurds will fight the rest of Iraq for its northern territory and the Sunni and the Shiites will fight each other and the Kurds.  Al-quad-a will pick up the pieces.  What Iran will do is foster more trouble.  As for Afghanistan, it is anyone's guess.  The British tried for decades to subdue it and fail. Russia tried for years and gave up and us? well,

 We are merely supplying the money for the warlords to stash in Switzerland.  Do you know, I am still trying to figure out why we even started the whold thing.  If it were to get rid of terrorists, the failure is apparent.  If it were to make fools of this Nation, we have succeeded.  If it were to apologize to the world for our existence, President Obama has been successful.

It is past time to bring our fleets home to patrol our seas, past time to remove all bases from Germany, Japan, other countries, and bring the troops home to protect this Nation.  In Europe there are armed guards at their borders, the airports and government buildings.  Everyone carries a form of identifying their status.  I have wondered how many of the so=called accidents, fires, plane disasters and so-forth are accidents.  I am truly worried that we are in real danger.

It is past time for we, the people, to vote for the Nation, for the rights guaranteed to us, the voters, to stop pitting state against state, to secure our borders, to preserve the Constitution as it was drafted to protect us and most of all, we must, we must, remember that regardless of color, religion, we are Americans first and vote to elect the candidate we believe best.  Not because of his/her color or religion but because we believe he/she is best for our country.  We don't want six or eight members on a school board deciding that the students don't need to learn all of our history but to start in 1870 or that reading and writings isn't as important as knowledge of sex.  We don't want to have legal speed signs for example, in any other language but English because others refuse to learn English.  I was at a driver's license not to long ago when the man in front, with a friend, asked for the driving test for this friend.  The attendant asked why the taker didn't ask and he replied that he didn't know English.  He was going to read the question in his language and write the answer for him.  The clerk asked how this person would read the road signs if he didn't know English but no answer was forthcoming.

I hope we are able to recover our Country, our blessed Country which for all its faults offers us so much more and is the reason so many want to come to this country. Let us remain a Nation of Laws.

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