Tuesday, August 24, 2010

By The Sea

I am in New Hampshire after too long an absence.  The lobster, the clams, the very air brings back pleasant memories.

The only thing I really miss here, is the news.  Yes, there is some.  I generally are listen most of the day to Fox News and I miss Megan Kelly, Shepard Smith, Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the gang.  True, they are stubborn but I do hear and see the current events.  I am wondering if there will be pictures of Imam Rauf's visit to the Muslins states/countries.  I wonder how the remaining 50,000 troops, left in Iraq, are faring, I wonder if President Obama is taking another vacation, I wonder if Mrs. Obama is being seen with him more or vacation again without him.  i wonder how the primary in Florida will go.  I really don't want Governor Gist to be a senator.

However, this place, this peacful place, is music to my soul.

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